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Linux just gets sexier and sexier, and Fedora 11 just joined Ubuntu 9.04 in the ranks of super modern Linux distros released this year. Fedora doesn’t have all the desktop refinements of Ubuntu, or the wild popularity, but it does act as the underpinnings of Intel’s Moblin, and the Sugar OS, and doesn’t shy away from the future.
Fedora 11 makes the bleeding edge ext4 filesystem the default for installs, which speeds performance and improves data integrity — Ubuntu offers ext4 as an option, but some application incompatibilities have caused data loss problems, so hopefully Fedora has overcome that. Fedora 11 also has boot times in its sights, with a goal to be at the login screen in 20 seconds, new versions of GNOME and KDE desktop environments (GNOME is default, but KDE 4.2 is looking great) and plenty of other minor and major tweaks. Sure, it’s still Linux: most folks who expect to just swap out their Windows environment wholesale are sure to be sorely disappointed, but it’s clear the steady march of progress continues unabated — and hey, it’s good enough for Intel and the children.


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As it has been announced earlier, in new operational system Windows 7 it is possible to easily change a background of a logon screen. For this purpose it is not required to change resources in executable files or to carry out still any special actions. Process of changing of the image is very simple and can be executed without use of additional tools. This functionality is accessible and correctly works since 7057 build.

To change a background on the logon screen it is necessary to do following steps.

  1. To open the registry editor and to find section “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> CurrentVersion –> Authentication –> LogonUI –> Background”. In this section there is a special key “OEMBackground” (DWORD type). Value “1” herein says that it is necessary to use special appearance of the logon screen. If the key does not exist, he can be created manually.
  2. To be convinced, that there is folder “%windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds”. Here Windows 7 will search for background images for the logon screen. If this folder does not exist, she is necessary for creating.
  3. To put in this folder all necessary images. For each screen resolution it is necessary to put the image in this folder with a specific name. If the image with the necessary name is not found, file backgroundDefault.jpg will be used. It is important, that each image should be no more than 256 KB, differently it will be ignored. The list of files which are necessary for putting in this folder:
    1. backgroundDefault.jpg
    2. background768×1280.jpg  (0.6)
    3. background900×1440.jpg  (0.625)
    4. background960×1280.jpg  (0.75)
    5. background1024×1280.jpg (0.8)
    6. background1280×1024.jpg (1.25)
    7. background1024×768.jpg  (1.33)
    8. background1280×960.jpg  (1.33)
    9. background1600×1200.jpg (1.33)
    10. background1440×900.jpg  (1.6)
    11. background1920×1200.jpg (1.6)
    12. background1280×768.jpg  (1.66)
    13. background1360×768.jpg  (1.770833)
  4. For display of changes there is no necessity to reboot. It is enough to lock Windows (Win + L) or to leave a current session (Log off).

Also it is possible to take advantage of 3rd-party utilities. One of such utilities – Tweaks Logon Changer for Windows 7. This utility will execute all necessary changes in the system registry, and also will compress the image till the necessary sizes and will put in the necessary folder.

Tweaks Logon Changer for Windows 7


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Gmail notifier for Windows 7 is a utility that is non-dependant of the browser and notifies you with the new mails in your gmail inbox and lets you enjoy with more options of Gmail independently in Windows 7.

It not only allows you to have the mail count, but also the mail previews from the taskbar, also when the mails are opened from the inbox, you are automatically logged into the browser version of Gmail. It is using Gmail secured RSS feed to retrieve the mails so it should be pretty safe. Credentials are saved using a machine’s dependent encryption.

Clicking on any mail would open it in Gmail, and the software is compatible with Windows 7 OS. Moreover, this tool does not come in the list of Alt + Tab windows, but sits just beside the Windows icon between the shortcut icons.

Download the Gmail notifier for Windows 7 from here.
gmail notifier

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