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The critics and Windows users will likely amazed with the born of this RC 1. To avoid “spicy” criticism from customers, Microsoft now put extra consideration to the development of Windows 7.

In the previous beta version, users are given the opportunity to ‘recognize’ the new features in Windows 7. RC 1 is now comes with the completion of these features.

Prior to installing Windows 7 RC 1, there are 7 important things you should know:

  1. Some new changes;
    • The Taskbar becomes more responsive and feels more comfortable.
    • Music streaming via Windows Media Player.
    • To enable or disable some Windows features. You can now ‘throw’ Internet Explorer 8 and some other Windows’ pre-installed software.
    • Additional Driver Support, now you do not need to search for new drivers when installing Windows 7. The system will automatically recognize the driver.
    • New wallpapers, themes and sound schemes addition.
  2. You don’t need a bootable disk or DVD during the installation of Windows 7. You can do this from within Windows itself.
  3. Installing the upgrade version from the Beta, now is not working on RC 1.
  4. Windows 7 is able to run with VMWare or Virtual PC.
  5. It’s getting easier to repair Windows system. Windows 7 can detect any system error, before you repair it.
  6. Old Windows XP can still run in Windows 7 via Windows XP Mode (XPM) application, how cool is that…
  7. You can enjoy the Windows 7 RC 1 for free for about 1 year, until June, 1 2010.

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