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Windows 7 has a neat jumplist feature that allows programs to create links to application-specific tasks from the right click menu that appears when you click on the minimized window button in the taskbar.

Some native Windows applications utilize this feature very well. Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 puts your most visited sites in the jumplist as you use it more and more. In the screenshot below, you can see IE 8’s jumplist that has options to specific tasks like InPrivate, New tab etc:

Windows 7 Jumplist

However, Firefox’s current version doesn’t utilize jumplists in a big way. The following screenshot will illustrate the same. It doesn’t do much.

Firefox doesn't take advantage of Windows 7 Jumplist features

Firefox doesn't take advantage of Windows 7's Jumplist features

However, Winfox aims to change all that. Winfox tells Firefox to leverage the Jumplist feature in Windows 7 to do more things.

Winfox pins frequently visited sites to the Firefox jumplist. Thumbnails of open windows are available from the taskbar button as well.

Firefox Jumplist, after Winfox was installed

Firefox Jumplist, after Winfox was installed

Get Winfox from here. Winfox works with Firefox 3 and above.

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