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Now most of you with Windows 7 must be playing your hacks on it.  Have you tried installing applications in Windows 7? Well, it's not always a piece of cake. While installing Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 you might get stuck up with an error message. The file could not be written. Virtual hard disk could not be attached to the virtual machine. Please check the values provided and try again.

imageThings are horrible especially, if you have over-protective antivirus suites like Kaspersky Internet Security. What's  surprises is that the error occurs even if computer hardware specifications matches the system requirements of Windows 7.
After a thorough research I could put the things in shape. I'll share with you how to fix this error in Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode installation.

Before routing to the solution let me tell you cause of the error. The problem lies in the Kespersky Internet Security and Kespersky Anti-virus or other similar security problem. It protects the PC from unknown or potentially malicious application activities. The proactive Application Activity Analyzer fails the installation of Windows XP Mode.


Now let's see how to fix the problem

Go to the Application Activity Analyzer or Proactive Defense setting (depending on the version of Kaspersky you are using) and disable the detection and scanning of Hidden Object.  Now install the Windows XP mode without any hassle.

Alteratively, you can disable the Kaspersky or any antivirus solution installed on the system. Now install the Virtual Windows XP Mode. After the installation is completed, re-enable the anti-virus protection.

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