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If Wolfram Alpha was not enough to keep the Google team worried, Collecta thought to give another twist to the already complicated future of Google Search Engine.  Not only this, even specialized search companies like Jenni (A movie and tv shows search engine) have been taking some small pies of business away from Google. Anyways, the blog is about a new wonder child whose still in the line to rock the world! Its name is Collecta!

Collecta is a one of the first of its kind. Its a Real Time Search Engine. It can give you everything about a certain keyword as and when it happens.  So if you want to know latest updates about Maria Sharapova or about Swine Flu, you can only just type it into Collecta! Baaaang! The result is a live stream of results as and when they are uploaded to the world wide web. No matter if its a twitter update, any new comment with the your desired keyword, any news story or a picture posted at Flickr, Collecta will bring them all for you at one place. So now you don’t have to refresh the Google News page repeatedly to check the new updates on a fast developing story or glued your eyes to Twitter to check it our for latest information, all your need is just Collecta as it will Collect Each and Everything for you as its name suggests.


Below is the screen shot of the Collecta when i gave it a try. Collecta has given two keywords i.e Obama and Swineflu to test them on their Collecta Real Time Search Engine. The results were impressive. I got a lot of twitter updates and few link to other stories about Obama. Even few wordpress blog posts also appeared in the list. Another website tested the Collecta engine for its updation speed and they found it pretty satisfactory. In any case, its currently just looking for two keywords and hence we can expect such speed, the real test will come when million of people will be searching for wide variety of terms at the same time.

So lets keep our fingers crossed and lets hope to be the first to update this post when Collecta is available for our Collective usage. Gerry Campbell and his team deserves a loud applause.  Click here to visit the Collecta site

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